Why Us

The vivid and ancient language of China : Mandarin. Listening to a Chinese conversation is as if the words you are listening to, simultaneously trigger a series of short animations that appear before your eyes. No wonder, with its Han Zi (Chinese Script), the characters which are all derived from pictures, tell stories of their own! Those Chinese characters structure the language while at the same time allow for enormous flexibility, giving you the ability to express yourself accurately and powerfully. And no wonder we emphasize the importance of adequate listening skills, as aural skills are mandatory for learning to communicate in the so typical Chinese way.

Our in-house designed 1-2-3 Learning Cycle fully recognises these and other fundamentals of the Chinese language. We decompose the language to make you see and understand the core of it, at the same time, we just start using it. And isn’t that like you learned your mother tongue, where using and understanding go hand in hand?


My business partner Liwen Gong and me  decided to set up our own school in 2015. Main reason for this was my own learning experience and her teaching experience. After trying different schools as a student myself I found that basically all students were struggling with the same question:

“Teacher, what is the logic of Mandarin? All those rules you give me, they make my head spin! If you could only explain to me its logic, I would be fluent before you know!”

Yes, It seemed that teaching methods used, simply couldn’t bridge the gap between Western (non-Chinese) thinking and Chinese thinking, between Western languages and Mandarin. Instead of offering comprehension, rules were offered, and even more rules.

To make Mandarin life easy for students our team came up with a new methodology called Slow Motion Technique. Slow Motion technique indeed shows you the logic of Mandarin, and more importantly, teaches you Mandarin with just ONE rule instead of dozens, and which student wouldn’t like that?

There are things you wished you knew earlier, well Slow Motion Technique for me is one of them. I do hope you will find it as helpful as I did at the time!




It is our mission to spread the beautiful Chinese language by delivering our students the highest teaching quality possible, whatever their ambition, background or age, and wherever they are.

To be able to do so we have enlisted the best teachers and developed our unique teaching concept, yielding results beyond expectation.



Based on our vision our main features are as follows.


 Mandarin Morning approach

Traditional approach

2 IN 1 and 2 PLUS 1 Curriculum

Our Curriculum makes you achieve your Mandarin learning goal, while at the same time preparing you to pass Chinese exam

Extra courses required to prepare for exam

CLEVER Learning, using our Slow Motion Technique

Our Slow Motion Technique reveals the true core of Mandarin, which boosts your learning speed enormously

The core of Mandarin is not revealed

EASY Memorization, using our Structure Map

We decompose the Chinese language into a number of essential building blocks. This makes it easy to understand and hence easy to remember it

Memorizing just by repetition

FUN Using, turns your Knowledge into Skill by multiple ways of practicing

Games, music, poetry, movies, activities e.a.. make up an important part of our method, not only during our courses but also off campus and after graduation

One way practicing: only use books

Standardized teaching method

 Mandarin Morning teaching method used by all teachers to secure teaching quality

Teaching method depends on teachers: different teachers use different method

Continual curriculum improvement

Based on student’ s feedback and teachers growing experience we continually improve our courses using the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle

No pro-active curriculum improvement

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