Top 10 Most Beautiful Forests in China

China occupies a vast territory with complex climate and varied geomorphic types. So almost all forest types can be found from north to south in China. Below are the 10 most beautiful forests in China.


1. The Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest in Xinjiang 天山雪岭云杉林

The Xueling Spruce is a spruce native to the Tianshan mountains of western China`s Xinjiang Autonomous Region. It grows at altitudes around 1,500-2,800 meters above sea level. The Xueling Spruce grows mainly in the snow peaks on the northern and southern slopes of the Tianshan Mountains, the western part of the Kunlun Range and mountainous areas of the Junggar Basin.


2. Changbai Mountain Mixed Forest in Jilin 长白山红松阔叶混交林

The Changbai Mountain Mixed Forest is located in Northeast China’s Jilin Province. The mysterious forest consists of mixed Korean Pine and broad-leaf forest, where you will also find strange peaks, magnificent waterfalls, huge mountain lake, unique volcanic landscape and rare plants and animals. The mysterious Changbai Heaven Lake is part of the forest area and now a famous summer resort in China.


3. Jianfengling Tropical Rainforest, Hainan 尖峰岭热带雨林

Jianfengling Tropical Rain-forest is located inLedong County and Dongfang City, 90 kilometers away from Sanya, southwest of Hainan Island. This is the largest and well-preserved tropical rain forest in China. Living fossil trees, dating back more than 200 million years, are scattered all around together with many different rare plants and animals.


4. Baima Snow Mountain Forest, Yunnan 白马雪山高山杜鹃林

Baima Snow Mountain Forest is located in the Diqin Tibetan autonomous prefecture in northwest Yunnan province. It is a well-preserved original boreal forest. The forest consists of vast virgin forests, animals, plants and geographical wonders. This area is also the main habitat of Yunnan golden monkeys, a rare animal under strict national protection.


5. Bomi Gangxiang Spruce Forest in Yunnan 波密岗乡林芝云杉林

The Bomi Gangxiang Spruce Forest is located at the lower reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. The forest is nourished by moist warm air from Indian Ocean, forming towering forest trees. Some trunk has a diameter of up to 2m and with the height of 80m.


6. The Luntai Huyang Poplar Forest in Xinjiang 轮台胡杨林

The Huyang Poplar Forest is near the desert highway in Luntai County, Xinjiang. This roadside forest covers an area of over 2,700 hectares. The forest grows along the meandering course of the silt-laden Tarim River and stretches to the remote horizon. Now it has become a famous tourist attraction and in Autumn the scenery is extremely beautiful and attracts many tourists and photography lovers.


7. Tropical Rainforest of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan 西双版纳热带雨林

Located in Yunnan Province, the Xishuangbanna forest covers area of some 2,402 square kilometers. It is the only well-preserved tropical rainforest in the world. The rainforest is one of genetic gene banks where tropical vegetation is most concentrated, which is very important for science research.


8. Maolan Karst Forest in Libo, Guizhou  茂兰喀斯特森林

Maolan Karst Forest is located in southeast Libo County, Guizhou province. It is a well-preserved primeval subtropical forest of Karst topography.  Its area is 22.8 kilometers from the west to the east and 21.8 kilometers from the north to south. The Maolan Forest integrates hills, waters, underground caves and green trees, presenting a beautiful picture.


9. Larchen Forest in the Daxinganling Mountains in Heilongjiang 大兴安岭北部兴安落叶松林

Daxinganling is a natural unpolluted area with a vast peculiar landscape of forest, rivers and snow. The forest is dominated by larchen trees. It stretches from north to south along the Daxinanling Mountains and extends about 770 kilometers. It has four distinct seasons and very beautiful in spring and summer.


10. Shunan Bamboo Forest, Yibin, Sichuan 蜀南竹海

The Shunan Bamboo is located in Liantian Mountain in Yibin City of Sichuan Province. The bamboo forest covers over 70,000 hectares, which is rare in China and abroad. The forest  is famous for the natural beauty and bamboo forest scenes, plenty of waterfalls and lakes.

Post time: Jul-14-2020