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Today, let us learn meaning of the word “ bie


A: 昨天我的校服上衣贴了一只小熊,校长严厉地批评我了。但我直接晕倒了!我没有听懂!

Yesterday, my school uniform was pasted with a bear, and my headmaster criticized me severely. But I fainted! I don’t understand what did he say .


B:  是吗?他说说什么了?

Really? What did he say?


A:  校长说,校服上除了校微别别别的,让你别别别的别别别的,得别别的。

The headmaster said that there is nothing else could being stuck on the school uniform except the school badge.,why you had to do this ?



Ha ha ha! No wonder you faint! “bie” here has three meanings, one is “don’t”, one is “stuck”, and the last is “other things”


A: 原来是这样的! 我明白了!

So it is! Oh, I see!



Have you learned today’s knowledge points?


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Post time: Feb-07-2023