Study Mandarin in Shanghai

Forget romantic language.If you really want your child to be ready for the future, you probably want him to open some Chinese textbooks.[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=""] President Obama meets with Chinese President Hu Jintao at the White House this week , there are more reasons than ever to believe that China holds the key to all our futures.
First, China owns us—or will soon own us, as they continue to snap up U.S. Treasuries.China is now the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt at just under $900 billion.
The Chinese also have important economic interests in many other countries around the world.It was reported this week that China has lent more to developing countries than the World Bank over the past two years.
Recently, China-developed stealth fighter made its maiden flight.They also built a long-range missile that could hit American ships in the Pacific.Also, they are building their first aircraft carrier for missions far from the Chinese coast.
And there’s more: Beijing plays an integral role in nearly every major international issue, from standoffs with North Korea and Iran to global warming.
In fact, a top NASA scientist said China is the world’s “best hope” for fighting global warming.He said our democracy — including lobbying money from the fossil fuel industry — is keeping America from tackling global warming.
I ask you a question: if you were the parent of a child, would you let him/her learn Chinese?
Jen in New York writes: I am the parent of a 6-year-old who is in first grade at a private school in New York.From grade one to grade six, she and her classmates studied Chinese five days a week.This is not optional.I’m thinking of taking the class myself so that when they start chatting in Chinese, I’ll know what they’re doing.
Georgia’s Pete wrote: “Dream, Jack.”The average American child can’t even speak English, so you still let them learn Chinese?Yes, yes.
Jeff of South Riding, VA writes: Our 8-year-old is fluent in Chinese.His grandparents lived in China with aunts and uncles next to his mother, and he often spoke with them via Skype.He also attends Chinese school on weekends to learn to read and write Chinese.We hope this will improve his chances of competing in the world when he grows up.
Jay of Pennsylvania writes: Not at all.Most Chinese children today learn English from elementary school.In China, wherever you go, you can find university graduates who are fluent in English and who have studied in Western countries.The Chinese know that English is still the most widely spoken language in the world.American kids should invest time and energy in improving their other subjects, such as math and physics.
Pat of Michigan wrote: If I were to raise a child in this day and age, I would definitely encourage my child to learn Chinese.Our daughter has studied German, Spanish and Latin and taught all three at the same time.In the new world economy, communication is key.
J. wrote: When I watched the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, I believed my then 6-year-old daughter had better start learning Mandarin.
Ryan of New Brunswick, NJ wrote: “I would first welcome children and adults to learn Mandarin or Cantonese.As a result, Hollywood will stop dubbing martial arts movies and we can enjoy them in their native language.
let them?No, it sounds more like government aggression, and we’ve had too much aggression.It makes more sense to convince your child to learn Chinese because it will be an advantage in the future.
It’s a tough language.But Korean and Japanese are equally effective languages ​​to learn, I guess it depends on what they might be able to do when they grow up.
Many years ago, there was a saying that optimistic people should learn Russian and pessimistic people should learn Chinese.I think that statement may be true today, but for different reasons.
No, but I might encourage him/her to learn Chinese as well as several other languages.This is the current world economy.Chinese-speaking Americans will be better able to negotiate.
I grew up in a military family and my father was stationed in the Philippines.I was asked to learn the local dialect and am grateful for it.I later served in the military myself and was stationed in Germany, where I learned to speak German.But it’s more out of necessity.I had to learn how to order beer and a Big Mac.The sausage is also good.When in Rome, Jack acted like a Roman.
No, I won’t let my kids learn Chinese unless they really want to.However, I recommend that they learn and use more than one foreign language to broaden their horizons.Too bad we don’t need to speak English in our own country.
Now that Chairman Hu will save the American economy by providing Americans with much-needed jobs, we can increase funding for schools to teach American children Chinese to improve their future employment opportunities.Hu Xian?
Interesting that you mentioned this.My granddaughter is a freshman in high school this year and is learning Chinese as a foreign language.she likes.She said it was difficult to speak, but she liked to draw figures and had always been fascinated by the Republic of China and the people, more about the people.
Of course, I told her that Chinese President Hu Jintao is here to make sure we don’t destroy his property or soil his carpet.She just gave me that puppy look.(Have you seen this question today when a Chinese reporter asked about the Tuscon shooting and the ongoing rhetoric that followed? Fascinating!)
I would invite him/her to learn Mandarin, but my youngest can already.The secret is to instill a love of learning.Then they will go on to teach you everything.
good idea.Whether you see China as an ally or a competitor, it will only help your cause to understand them.
Dream about Jack.The average American child can’t even speak English, so you let them learn Chinese??
Jack, this is crazy…not only because Chinese is hard to learn…it is time consuming and frankly irrelevant to our native language.Unless it’s “real” that China owns us, and if we don’t pay them off, it’s just preparing for the inevitable… terrifying to think about…
Why Jack?People from all over the world come here and don’t seem to want to learn English.Are you implying that this administration will sell us out to China?Learning any other language might be a good idea, but the only reason we have to teach our kids to speak Chinese is if we continue this downward spiral into bankruptcy and irresponsible Democratic spending.Then we better all learn to say it.
Are you listening to your kids these days?Most people haven’t learned English yet, do you want a second language?
In today’s world and how our economies are intertwined, I think being able to speak different languages ​​is very helpful in one’s career.I will encourage my children to learn other languages.But make them, no.
If I were to raise a child at this time, I would definitely encourage my child to learn Chinese.Our daughter learned German, Spanish and Latin and taught all three.In the new world economy, communication is key.
Jack, this is America.We can speak English.Teach them English, and then when they grow up, if they want to learn a foreign language, they can do it.These kids need to learn math, science and English so they can compete here.As far as China is concerned.Everyone better not buy that junk from China because it’s killing our country and making them a bigger power that we might end up having to deal with later.You know, like Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor.Wake up people.become usa
Yes, I do have them learn Chinese (Mandarin) and French.Now, I am the parent of young adult children who have attended top universities in the United States and abroad that are considered the best in the world.I am also proud to point out that my children and their friends from all over the world consider themselves global citizens…we should encourage more people to pursue this distinction
Absolutely!And Spanish, and at least one or two other languages.Children grow up to be the countries that lead the world market, and it is the countries that chase the world market in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and other languages.If we want to sell our products in other countries, we can’t just sell to people who can speak English.
A lot of people in this country have such a false sense of pride in trying to make English the “official” language that we tend to ignore children in European countries who speak three and four different languages ​​and have equal ability.
Learn as much English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian as you can so you can become a citizen of the world…why not?
Learning a second language is never a bad idea.When I was in high school (45 years ago), French was considered a no-brainer.Spanish is useful to people in states near the southern border.Latin is a good idea if you’re going into law or medicine.Decades ago, Japanese was touted as a good language for business people.Now, the language suitable for business is Chinese.Of course, I would encourage young people to learn it, but not out of fear.It’s just another great tool for dealing with a changing world.
As a college student, when I became a parent, I wouldn’t let my kids learn Mandarin or any other Chinese.As a student, I’ve seen many East Asian professors stick to their language, and also see through their projectors that they use computers in their native language using Unicode, so everything is written in their own language.I will let my children learn English and my own mother tongue (Punjabi) even though I was born in this country myself.Each has its own.That’s the reality, no matter the situation.The only people who will teach their children Chinese or any other language are those who falsely believe that it will help their children in a certain career in the future.
Wow, that’s a tough one.I thought maybe Spanish first, because obviously the language would be more useful in this country.
All Americans will benefit from learning a new language.America wants to sell to Chinese consumers and profit from it.Our ability to do business with and in China will pay off if we learn their language.This will help the American people get back to work and thrive.
However, when any of us snubs and insults the Chinese, American business and our relationship with China are hurt.Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner today offended China and its president by refusing to attend an official U.S. state dinner for China.Ohio Rep. Boehner displayed poor judgment in snubbing our major purchaser of Treasury instruments and our favorite trading partner.
Absolutely.By the time they reach adulthood, China will be the sole superpower and will control the planet.The United States will become a nation that is also governed by taxation to pay off our debt to China.
Yes I will.Currently I know two professional young people who work for the Chinese.One is the head of the English department at an American university, teaching them English with Chinese business executives.The second is a lawyer.He is employed by a successful private company with some Chinese clients.These clients liked this particular attorney and asked him to leave the firm and work for them.He runs the business from his home in the United States, his wife no longer needs a job, and he travels to China three times a year, spending three weeks each time with the Chinese executives who hired him.I believe this is a prediction of what is to come and speaks volumes.
Yes, to increase their chances of a successful life.This will open up a world of opportunities for children to learn any second language.The Chinese do it, why don’t we?
As obtuse and ethnocentric as Americans are, we already believe we are proficient in Chinese.Who of us doesn’t know how to say Moo Goo Gai Pan?
Of course, Chinese is complex for us, so our young people have to learn to speak, understand and read.Only in this way can we not be crushed by China.We also need to understand Chinese culture and understand the Chinese people.This is the path to peace and understanding – and human rights for all.
Of course, Chinese is complex for us, so our young people have to learn to speak, understand and read.Only in this way can we not be crushed by China.We also need to understand Chinese culture and understand the Chinese people.This is the path to peace and understanding – and human rights for all.
If I were the parent of a small child, I would be a wreck.I saw these kids today with their pants down on their knees, X-Boxing, Game-Boying and Nintendoing like electronic zombies and texting the people next to them on their Crackberries, laughing at each other.Will their little voice box still work?All these electronic devices may be booing and laughing to them, but it’s a very sad path for our future illiterate society.If you ask me, this is a clever Chinese conspiracy to make our kids stupid…all these gadgets are made in China after all.Heck, why not teach them Mandarin, they don’t speak a comprehensive language.
Jobs will only come to Canada if your kids in the U.S. are not fit for the future.In some provinces, they have already implemented it.
let them?How about teaching a second language early in school!My 7 year old granddaughter lives in Switzerland and teaches English in addition to her native German.She also speaks Italian…

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