Mandarin Morning Star Student: Song Zhengxi

It’s important to learn Chinese well – it will help your career to succeed.

Learning insights:

I usually teach and study at the University, and I have to work. It’s very exhausting to also learn Chinese. Still Mandarin Mornings teachers are so good, with good learning methods, simple and easy to understand and memorize, I’m learning fast and effective.

Learning Chinese requires the persistence of friends and hard work. Spend time to study Chinese after work. When you see the results, you know the hard work payed off.


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Course name: Boya Chinese Advanced 1


This course is a Chinese proficiency advanced course and is suitable for foreign nationals with a certain language foundation.

Four course inquiries, please contact: 021-52287809



Number of lessons:


Lessons: 180 lessons (standard course)



Teaching plan arrangement and completion:


Offline: 180 lessons, learn new knowledge

Online: 100 lessons (free), after school preview and review

Test: 3 tests during the period

Job completion: Qualified



Introduction to the instructor:


Name: Teacher Wang

Major: Chinese International Education

Education: Master’s degree

Certificate: International Chinese Teacher Certificate, Volunteer Honorary Certificate, HSK proposition member

Teaching experience: 8 years at the European Confucius Institute

Position: Mandarin Morning Senior Teacher



Leveling admission and graduation results:


Admission test: HSK4

After finishing he course: HSK6

Score: 230 or more



Dear foreign friends, maybe you are busy at work, maybe you feel that learning Chinese is too difficult. Don’t worry, we have good learning methods and professional teachers to help you!


If you want to learn Chinese, come and learn at Mandarin Morning!



Post time: Nov-27-2019