How to train foreigners Chinese characters in Chinese?

How to train foreigners Chinese characters in Chinese?


For every foreigner who learns Chinese,076bc5a19e751ad04226fbee84af927 they want to achieve normal listening, speaking, reading, writing, and writing in Chinese after learning Chinese, which is necessary for them to live and work in Shanghai. Especially in the learning of Chinese characters, this is the last step in whether foreigners can learn Chinese well. So how can Chinese train foreigners to use Chinese characters?


In the Chinese language training for foreigners, in the view of Mandarin Morning’s teacher, first, the teaching must be based on the effective mastery and flexible use of every Chinese vocabulary that is commonly used in one’s life and work. This is the basis for mastering Chinese listening, speaking and reading.


Second, to teach them Chinese, they should first use guided teaching, so as to attract them to continue their in-depth Chinese learning. It is best to start with the simplest Chinese characters, such as 《一去二三里》, so that they can effectively write Chinese characters from one to ten. In order to deepen their memory, it is best to take pictures and texts for teaching.


Finally, in the Chinese language training for foreigners, they should also have more writing practice, and in the classroom teaching, they should draw out important vocabulary about the students’ life and work. Of course, through other activities such as Chinese character games and summer camps, the effect is also very good. After such Chinese training, foreigners will be better able to live and work in Shanghai.


For zero-based foreigners: How to spell correctly in Chinese training?


For foreigners with zero foundation, they really want to learn Chinese well, and the first thing they need to deal with is Hanyu Pinyin. So how to train foreigners how to spell accurately? In this regard, the teacher of Mandarin Morning, based on years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, has come up with a method of spelling Chinese with the characteristics of Good Morning Chinese.


In the Chinese teaching of Good Morning, the first is the two-spelling method of sound and rhyme, that is, the vowel is regarded as a whole, and it is used to spell with the initial. Such as: h-ào → (浩). The second is the two-spelling method of the initial consonant. First, find the pronunciation part of the initial consonant, set up the pronunciation posture, and then read the final in one breath and spell it into a syllable. Such as: spelling bā (八), first close your lips, hold your breath, put on the posture of pronouncing the b sound, and then pronounce the a in one mouth to become a syllable.


In addition, the phonetic spelling method for Chinese training is to analyze the syllables with mediation into three parts: sound, mediation and rhyme, and read them together into one syllable when pinyin is used. For example: q-i-áng→qiáng (强), so the teacher of Good Morning Chinese would like to tell you that, for the problems of Hanyu Pinyin in the Chinese language training class for foreigners with zero basic knowledge, if you want to learn these methods, the Chinese teacher should The role of this aspect is huge, and only under its guidance will foreigners play a significant role in the spelling of zero-based Chinese trainers.


How can foreigners learn better in Chinese language training institutions?


Every foreigner in a Chinese language training institution in Shanghai believes that only by learning Chinese better can they make their life and work in Shanghai easier and more efficient. In this regard, how should foreigners in Chinese training institutions learn better? In my opinion, the answer is Mandarin Morning’s quality control learning.


In terms of quality control learning, foreigners who study in Mandarin Morning, a Chinese training institution, learn Chinese test preparation courses in the Chinese training class according to the appropriate Chinese courses designed by their Chinese teachers. This study is a combination of Mandarin Morning’s exam and classroom teaching, which enables students to practice their own shortcomings after they clearly understand their Chinese training shortcomings.


In addition, in the quality control study of foreigners, they will use their Chinese environment to further interact in Chinese with their Chinese friends, colleagues, etc., so that the quality of their Chinese training can be better controlled. After learning in the classroom, they will be better able to obtain high-quality results of Chinese training. Therefore, how can foreigners learn better in Chinese training institutions? Come to Mandarin Morning to experience a unique learning experience!


What are the good ways to train foreigners to learn Chinese?


A good method of training foreigners to learn Chinese can make foreigners’ Chinese learning more efficient with half the effort, so as to better help their Chinese proficiency continue to improve. Therefore, many foreigners who study Chinese courses will pay attention to whether the Chinese teacher’s training method is effective. If you’re also confused, try coming to Mandarin Morning for a few lessons.


In Mandarin Morning, a foreigner learning Chinese institution, they will be based on suitable courses designed for different Chinese learners, and then give them guided training. This training embodies their “student-oriented” training philosophy that is recognized by many different Chinese learners.


Further, for foreigners learning Chinese at the elementary level, in the “student-oriented” training concept, they will start with pinyin and focus on training their listening and speaking skills in daily life, so they will take their senses. For topics of interest, the important points about Chinese vocabulary, initials, finals, and syllables that they need to master are combined, so that they can easily understand and identify these important Chinese points. As a result, students can acquire essential listening and speaking skills in daily life, conduct basic daily conversations, and at the same time lay a solid foundation for their in-depth learning. From this point of view, what is a good way to train foreigners to learn Chinese? Mandarin Morning’s “student-centred” teaching is the answer.


What is it like to teach foreigners to learn Chinese online?


Due to the personal circumstances of some foreigners, most of their Chinese learning is turned to online. Therefore, compared with traditional offline Chinese learning, they pay more attention to what it is like to teach foreigners to learn Chinese online. They wondered whether online teaching could ultimately help them improve their Chinese. In my opinion, Mandarin Morning’s online teaching has been very successful.


The online teaching of foreigners learning Chinese in Mandarin Morning is a “student-oriented” teaching, which is a more targeted teaching for different Chinese learners, so it will be tested according to the actual Chinese proficiency of each foreigner. The situation, the nature of life and work in China, interests and other factors are used to make lesson plans. They will deeply combine face-to-face teaching with foreign teachers and multimedia courseware. After class, they will make some tests to test the level of students, find out their deficiencies, and make teaching more targeted.


Further, for Mandarin Morning’s online teaching, it not only makes foreign students more flexible in Chinese learning, but also enables them to have more goals and directions in their own Chinese courses, and can continuously improve and perfect their Chinese. After learning, you will be able to easily improve your Chinese communication level in the future living and working in China. So what is it like to teach foreigners to learn Chinese online? Come and experience it at Mandarin Morning!


About AP Chinese


In recent years, learning Chinese has become more and more popular, and people keep coming to consult AP Chinese courses to learn Chinese better. In the international city of Shanghai, AP Chinese can now be learned by anyone. There are many Chinese training schools in Shanghai, such as Mandarin Morning in Jing’an Temple, and now I will give a detailed explanation to my friends about AP Chinese.

According to Mr. Zhao of Mandarin Morning, the full name of AP Chinese is “AP Chinese Language and Culture”, which is a foreign language course. In this course, students’ exams are divided into four parts: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Therefore, the course mode can also be set according to these major parts, so that students can better grasp the knowledge of Chinese used and make life easier And work can be more convenient.

When Mandarin Morning teaches AP Chinese courses, first of all, let the senior teachers select the new words and difficult words according to each text, so that the students can improve their listening ability through continuous listening. Second, arrange learning tasks step by step, so that students can deepen their impression of words or sentences, so that subsequent Chinese learning will become easier and faster to achieve learning goals. So that students can better apply what they have learned in life and work. So in general, there is nothing wrong with coming to Mandarin Morning for AP Chinese training.

Post time: Aug-05-2022