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Kids and Teenage Chinese Mandarin Course

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Course Description

Course Details
Course Details

The new YCT test was launched by Hanban in an effort to encourage foreign young students to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese language proficiency. As part of this effort, since 2004 Hanban has organized experts from different disciplines such as Chinese language teaching, linguistics, psychology and educational measurement to work on the program, conducting surveys in order to understand the latest trends in overseas Chinese language teaching and learning.

2 month(70 lessons) get to YCT 1 level can understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and possess the ability to further their Chinese language studies.
3 months (140 lessons) get to YCT 2 level can understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences and cope with basic level communications.
5 months  (210 lessons) get to YCT 3 level having reached an excellent level in basic Chinese, can communicate on familiar daily topics in a simple manner.
9 months  (280 lessons) get to YCT 4 level can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily, academic and professional lives. When travelling in China, they can manage most forms of communication in Chinese.

Chinese Course Types For Kids

5-12 age     12-15 age     huayi

Kids Chines Course for 5-8 age years old                                   Kids Chines Course for 8-12 age years old                                 Kids Chines Course for 12-15 age years old

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Mandarin Morning:Established in 2007,More than 200 Chinese teachers,Serving more than 200 foreign-funded enterprises.

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15 years of teaching experience                                                    Chinese Proficiency Test Center                                                 Outstanding learning Center 2020

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