Chinese Summer Camp

Chinese Mandarin Summer Camp in Shanghai China

Chinese Summer Camp Start Dates 2022-2023

The start dates for the 2022-2023 season:In Shanghai、Suzhou、Hangzhou

Foreign teenagers from different countries,join in the Chinese summer camp in Mandarin Morning.

Not only learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture,But also travel to Shanghai、Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Chinese Summer Camp 2017(From Spain)

Spain-1     Spain-2     Spain-3

Chinese Summer Camp 2018(From Russia)

Russia-1     Russia-2     Russia-3

Chinese Summer Camp 2019(From Sweden)

Sweden-1     Sweden-3     Sweden-2

Chinese Summer Camp Shanghai China 2020

Camp Description(1):Security Management

1:Teacher arrived at the airport in advance and pick up.

2:Check in in our university apartment.

3:The apartment is a standard room,The 100 rooms offer bathroom, open-air lounging pavilions, and serene koi ponds.

4:Security staff responsible for entry and exit registration.

5:The teacher will count the team members at 20:00 every night.

6:If someone need to go out, need to ask for leave with the teacher.


Camp Description(2):Learning Chinese

1:First, test the Chinese level

2:According to the test results, arrange primary, intermediate and advanced  Chinese level classes

3:Customize Chinese courses according to the goal.

4:Arrange teaching assistants in the afternoon to help review and practice.

5:Send learning information to parents  every day,It is convenient for parents to understand the dynamics.

Camp Description(3): Experience culture

1:Organize paper cutting, calligraphy and Chinese painting activities.

2:Watch the face changing performance of Sichuan Opera

3:The teacher explained the story of Chinese history.

4:Understand Chinese festival culture.



Camp Description(4): Travel to Suzhou、Hangzhou.

1:The bus is responsible for the shuttle.

2:Offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3:Purchase insurance.

4:The teacher led the team.

The Graduation

G-1     g-2     G-3

How we are different?

Mandarin Morning:Established in 2007,More than 200 Chinese teachers,Serving more than 200 foreign-funded enterprises.

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