Part-time-Group-Mandarin Course

Part-time Group Chinese Mandarin Course

Part-time-Group-Mandarin Course Chinese program was a small group (3-8 people)

You can choose to learn Chinese in our center, or study online.

Course Description

You can take Chinese group classes on weekends or in the evening.

From primary to advanced level.

The teacher will make a teaching plan according to your goals.

Curriculum Features

Group Chinese Mandarin Course Features


Practical content


Meet new friends


Tailor-made Chinese course

Group Chinese Course Types

Group Chinese Course

1 course online     2 course online     3 course online     5 course online

Oral Chinese Course                                          Business Chinese Course                                 HSK pre-prepare Chinese Course                  Enterprise training

How we are different?

Mandarin Morning:Established in 2007,More than 200 Chinese teachers,Serving more than 200 foreign-funded enterprises.

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15 years of teaching experience                                                   Chinese Proficiency Test Center                                                  Outstanding learning Center 2020

Students Photo

group student-1     group student-2     group student-3

Face changing in Sichuan Opera                                                 Calligraphy                                                                                       Tai Chi

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