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I know very little about China. Can Mandarin Morning help me?

Mandarin Morning offers foreigners a bridge into the mysterious and enchanting land of China.

For those that come to China for the first time, whether for business or pleasure, life can be overwhelming without knowing locals or understanding the language. Simple daily things such as ordering food, taking a taxi, and asking directions can become frustrating and sometimes impossible.

MandarinMorning’s Intensive Mandarin language immersion program gives students the vocabulary and confidence to get by and enjoy life in China.

What sets Mandarin apart is that the school not only provides students with top-notch Mandarin language tools, but also provides them with a Chinese “partner” and friend to help with any type of situation.

What is the city of Shanghai like?

Shanghai is the most dynamic city in China and one of the most electrifying cities in the world! There are so many exciting activities to do in and near Shanghai – a city with thousands of restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping, historic sites, and more. It is situated near many of China’s culturally rich cities such as Suzhou and Hangzhou. Let Mandarin Morning introduce you to the city of the future.  Click here to learn more about what makes Shanghai so great.

What is my Chinese level?

You can test your Chinese level by taking an online exam or by scheduling an appointment to visit a campus and meet with a specialist. Click here to take an online Chinese level test. The result of the online test will provide you with a more specific category for your Mandarin level.

How can I sign up for MandarinMorning courses?

You can simply complete an online application or call 021-52287809 and a specialist will assist you.

How long will it take for me to learn Chinese?

Every student learns at his or her own pace; however the average MandarinMorning student will learn basic communication skills (reading, writing, listening, and conversation) in 120 hours of lessons. This includes a vocabulary of 1000 words and phrases. Students can complete the intermediate level after 180 hours. This includes a vocabulary of 1500 words and phrases. After the intermediate level, students can move into different areas of advanced Chinese (Business, Tourism, Literature, etc.) – at the advanced level, students progress at their own pace.

Does Mandarin Morning offer accommodations?

Yes. There are many housing choices in Shanghai – from traditional Chinese-style living to ultra-modern western-style residences. Prices typically average around RMB 6500. Please send an email to MandarinMorning at info@mandarinmorning.com with your preferences and someone will quickly get back to you with options, including pricing.

Where is MandarinMorning located?

MandarinMorning is in the heart of Shanghai, China’s most dynamic city. Campuses are conveniently located close to transportation, shopping, and restaurants. For more detailed information on getting to the MandarinMorning campus, click here.

How many students per MandarinMorning class?

Class sizes will be no larger than 8 students (averaging 4 or 5). MandarinMorning is only successful if students learn and enjoy their experience. With small class sizes, the aim is to maximize personal attention and minimize classroom disturbances.

When can I take class?

Students have the option of joining a group class on campus during regularly scheduled courses or can schedule private lessons at any time. Email inquiries to info@mandarinmorning.com or call 021-52287809.

Can a teacher teach me at home / office?

Courses can be taught at an MandarinMorning campus or at student preferred locations (home, office, or other).