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Private Course Details Course Description

Private studies can provide the ideal solution for students seeking to focus on special areas of interest or benefit from the exclusive attention of a teacher attuned to your learning style and particular needs. In the past, this option has been popular with students preparing. In the past, this option has been popular with students preparing for HSK exams or seeking to understand business Chinese.


Learning with a daily schedule that prevents participation in group class may also benefit from a private study arrangement. Another advantage is that these lessons can be held at the school or off-campus (home, office, other location).


Designed for those expatriates who live in China and want to use their free time to learn Chinese and understand the Chinese culture. This course as developed as an effective course of study for local expatriates who need to improve their Chinese in a short time and with a convenient schedule and culture environment.

Class Description

Stage 1 Pronunciation Practice

25 minutes focus on learning phonetics and tones

20 minutes focus on listening practice

5 minutes break time

25 minutes focus on words pronunciation and tongue twisters

20 minutes for review and feedback questions


Stage 2 Daily life Chinese study

20 minutes focus on listening practice

25 minutes focus on learning vocabulary and grammar

5 minutes feedback questions

25 minutes focus on dialogues practice and texts

20 minutes for characters and Chinese Cultures

Teaching Methodology

Language Class

Mandarin Morning puts a strong emphasis on both practical and essential skills.

Daily Life

Teachers will organize field trips for students to practice their language in a real-life situation.

Feedback Questionnaire

This helps us to constantly improve our quality

Development Report

Allowing students to check on their progress,


Including the duration and name of the course, plus a commentary on the students’ proficiency level.

Mandarin Morning’s Instructors:

Mandarin morning has over 100 full- time teachers of which 80% are with over 800 hours teaching expatriates. All of our teachers are professionally trained, each one has a university degree, a certificate to teach Chinese as a foreign language and some also hold aMaster’s degree. They also have strong professional skills together with a warm and caring attitude set our faculty apart from others.



Achieved Goals

When Student Finish Elementary I, students can make the introduction of themselves without any problems. The survival questions can be easily solved, such as ordering food, asking road and see a doctor, etc. The students can hold conversations for 30mins, but just in short sentences.

When students finish Elementary II, students can understand about 30%-40% other people’s daily talk. Their sentences are becoming a little longer. During this period, they can talk to service people such as cut hair, travel and their family’s Ayi.

When students finish Elementary III, it means the elementary period has been finished. At this time, students are able speak in Chinese with accurate pronunciation and fluent speed. At this time, they can respond and communicate with people without any problem. Also, they can create further discussion with some special points.

After finishing the beginner courses, learners will be able to do daily communication in Chinese for work and life. More importantly, they will have laid the foundation to continue their study and preparing to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

Each volume consists of 10 chapters and each chapter is divided into 6 parts: text, new words, translation of text, exercises, listening comprehension, and Chinese

characters.Involving almost all areas of daily life in China including common business expression, social conversation and daily dialogues.

All the basic words, sentences, and grammar points will appear repeatedly in their studies. Therefore, learners can make progress in a short time.




Book Name:My Chinese Classroom

 Book Content:

                                                                                           Elementary I

Unit: 1 hello!

Unit 2: Are you British?

Unit 3:Do you want coffee?

Unit 4: Do you have time this evening?

Unit 5: I will work overtime on Saturday

Unit 6:where is Yu Yuan garden?

Unit 7: do you like Xiaolongbao?

Unit 8:I want home delivery


Elementary II

Unit 1:It’s extremely hot outside

Unit 2: Do you often play golf?

Unit 3:Do you want your hair cut

or permed?

Unit 4: Would you please help send a fax?

Unit 5: Have you ever had Sichuan Cuisine

Unit 6:The room has been cleaned

up so well

Unit 7: Where do you plan to make a trip to?

Unit 8:Huaihai Road is jammed

Unit 9: I should work overtime on Saturday

Unit 10: I want to buy a gift?


Elementary III

Unit 1: It’s difficult to find an apartment

Unit 2: How did you get back?

Unit 3: My water pipe has broken again

Unit 4: I want to have a foot massage

Unit 5:You look beautiful in those clothes

Unit 6: he is meeting with some clients

Unit 7: What do you think of Shanghai?

Unit 8: He likes everything

Unit 9: Bon voyage

Unit 10: Everything’s hard in the beginning



Private Survival Mandarin Prices

(Flexible Lesson, 2 to 6 lessons/ week)



Level 1 70 lessons 168 RMB/ Lesson
Level 2 140 Lessons 159 RMB/ Lesson
Level 3 210 Lessons 148 RMB/ Lesson

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