Teaching qualifications

Formal state authorization and licensing

Referred Chinese learners of Chinese training institutions worldwide, the world's top 500 foreign language training trusted leader. Formal state authorization and license, all options are derived from Mandarin Morning relentless pursuit of scale and their own formal!

【Mandarin Morning - Chinese test center attached to Confucius Institution】:HSK test centers qualified test center Code: 8980901

 Confucius Institute’s main functions are: facing the global community of expatriates to teach Chinese language; training Chinese language teachers; Chinese language teacher certification exams and Chinese business; provide Chinese education, culture, social and economic information consultation; to carry out research in Contemporary China.

【Mandarin Morning-Hanban "International Chinese Teachers Certificate" certification exam training center】:test sites Code: 8980950

Hanban is the institution attached to the Chinese Ministry of Education, is committed to provide the world of Chinese language and culture teaching resources and services to satisfy the needs of overseas Chinese learners, for the joint development of cultural diversity and to contribute to building a harmonious world.

【Mandarin Morning, is the International Education Practice center of Tianhua Institute of Shanghai Normal University】