Mandarin Morning Awawrds

Mandarin Morning, Confucius Institute, Chinese teachers contest "Network Award"


Confucius Institute to promote Chinese official as a national portal in the poll through layers of review, the selection of a good reputation, high-impact, high-profile organization as the candidate object.  Related links: http: //www.chinesecio.com

Mandarin Morning, Sina “Brand Chinese school, clearing all obstacles.”


Teacher level is an important guarantee for the development of Shanghai Chinese training schools. Mandarin Morning is the Chinese test center attached to Confucius Institution , providing Chinese language training, HSK, "International Chinese Teachers Certificate" exam and training courses.
Related links:http://ah.sina.com.cn

Mandarin morning, Sina outstanding Chinese HSK Center


 During the past organization of the examination, the candidates foreign business people are the main candidates of Mandarin Morning. Characteristics of these business people are working busy time, not high of Chinese level, but full of enthusiasm for learning Chinese, very interested in Chinese culture, but little known about the HSK. Related Links: http://hunan.sina.com.cn/